What in the World Is Swine Flu?

You may have heard that the United States government has declared a “state of emergency” because of an outbreak of the swine flu. So what is swine flu all about and why is it a public health emergency?

Swine flu is a virus that originates in pigs.  It causes them to have respiratory symptoms similar to when a person gets the flu.  Normally, the virus spreads from pig to pig, but NOT to humans.  In the past, there were rare cases of people “catching” swine flu, but, in most of these cases, the people had contact with sick pigs.   read more »

More CNAs Have Been Honored! Do You Know Any of Them?

Be sure to check out the blog on our parent site:  In the Know.  Scroll down the blog to view all the nursing assistants who are being honored as part of the CNA of the Quarter Award

These CNAs work in a variety of settings:  hospitals, home health agencies and skilled nursing facilities.  And, their supervisors had many nice things to say about them!

In the Know will present the CNA of the Quarter Award again at the end of June.  Maybe next time it will be you?

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Could Our "CNA of the Quarter" Be a Co-Worker of Yours?

As you may know, Just for CNAs is a branch of In the Know, a company that has been helping health care organizations grow their CNA inservice libraries for more than ten years.

Last month, we received countless nominations for In the Know's CNA of the Quarter Award. To see who was honored with this award (for the first quarter of 2009), please click here to visit In the Know's blog.

And, be sure to check back every couple of days.  We will be blogging about some of the other outstanding CNAs for whom their supervisors...and their clients...are so very grateful.

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Nursing Assistant Resources on the Web

At Just for CNAs, we support the idea that the more you know, the more you can achieve...in both your personal and professional lives.  And, we like to acknowledge others who share this belief.

Nursing Assistant Resources on the Web is a fabulous website managed by three nursing assistants from New Hampshire: Patti, Kim and Heather.  They have been in health care for twenty years and have worked at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, hospices, drug/alcohol rehab centers and more.

The goal of their site (which is a blog) is to bring together all the online resources, links and information relevant to CNAs to one central place.  They believe that the work of CNAs is important and valuable.  And, like us, they believe the more informed CNAs are, the better quality work they will produce.  read more »


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