Today is the first day of CNA Week...so congratulations and a BIG thank you to CNAs everywhere! 

However, at Just for CNAs, we like to honor nursing assistants every day--not just for one week a year.  That's why we created the Just for Nursing Assistants website, a place where people from all walks of life can express their gratitude to you.  At the same time, the website brings some much needed attention to how important your role is to nursing, to health care and to the community.  read more »

People Are Talking about You!

Did you know that people are talking about you?  It's true!  People from all over the U.S. are speaking their minds about nursing assistants.  They are sharing their thoughts about how hard you work, how much they appreciate you and much, much more.

Who's doing all this talking?  Your co-workers...nurses and other nursing assistants.  Politicians...governors and senators.  And, celebrities...a diverse group including Mary Murphy (from So You Think You Can Dance), Dr. Patch Adams and actress Jane Fonda.

Where can you read their comments?  Visit Just for Nursing Assistants.  While you're there, please consider leaving some comments of your own.  For example, what would you say to a CNA who feels discouraged?  Or, what would you say to someone who is thinking about becoming a CNA?  You may add your thoughts here.

Thanks again to CNAs everywhere...and we hope you enjoy your new site, Just for Nursing Assistants.

Thank you to CNAs Everywhere!

CNAs: What Would You Do if a Fire Broke Out?

Fires can happen anywhere, any time, for a variety of reasons.  But, when a fire occurs in a facility or home where frail, elderly or sick people live, the consequences can be devastating.  What should you do if a fire breaks out where you work?  First of all...don’t panic! If a fire breaks out, stay calm to set an example for clients—and follow these R.A.C.E. guidelines.  read more »

Are You In the Know about Arthritis?

Across America, arthritis affects nearly 50 million people. By the year 2030, as the "baby boomer" generation ages, this number is expected to climb to 60 million!  With statistics like that, it's a safe bet that you probably provide care to a number of clients with arthritis. But, do you know that arthritis is not a normal part of aging?  Are you up to date on what you can do to help clients who suffer from arthritis? Here is a quick review:

The Aches & Pains of Arthritis

"Oh, my aching joints!" You've probably heard many of your clients make that complaint. In fact, you may have said it yourself!  Aching joints are one of the main symptoms of arthritis. (This makes sense since the word "arthritis" comes from two Greek words that mean "joint" and "inflammation".)  read more »


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