For CNAs: The Importance of Perineal Care

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Everyone's favorite topic . . . perineal care!  As you know, the perineum is the area that spans from the genitals to the anus. No other area of the body is more difficult to discuss, but, when it comes to client care, it is worth talking about!

The perineal area is a dark, moist environment where bacteria love to live. The urethra, where urine comes out, provides the perfect route for bacteria to enter the bladder and cause an infection. The number one healthcare associated infection is the urinary tract infection.  Most healthcare associated UTI's are the result of catheterization or incontinence and can be avoided by providing regular peri-care and cath-care using proper technique.
As a nursing assistant, you are entrusted to care for people in the most intimate way.  Consider this: You may have some clients who spent their whole lives guarding their perineal area as a private place only their mothers have seen. Now, as they are older, possibly ill, and unable to care for this area on their own, they have to rely on you to do this for them.
By providing discreet, thorough, and routine peri-care, you give your clients the gift of health while maintaining their dignity.
For more information about this vital aspect of client care, please check out our complete inservice, Perineal & Catheter Care.



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