CNAs: Your Stock is Rising!

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With the US population slowly advancing in age, the demand for health care workers has never been higher. The enormous group of “baby boomers” are now getting into their golden years, therefore requiring more visits to health care facilities or more moves into long-term care facilities.
If you are an established nursing assistant then you’ve chosen your profession wisely. If you are a young professional looking for a job with a great outlook, you would be wise to consider becoming a certified nursing assistant.
If one thing in this in life is certain, it is that at some point everyone will need the help of a CNA. With the middle-aged generation developing illnesses and starting to need operations for things like knee or hip replacements, there will be more people in hospitals for general ailments than in past years.  More people in hospitals means more people in long-term care centers, more people needing home-health assistance, and more people coming to rehab facilities. Many business publications have come to realize (and publish) that the “safest” careers for the upcoming decade are in the nursing field.
What remains a myth is that nursing assistants can never be well paid. The truth is that a large segment of CNAs are highly skilled and therefore highly paid. Now is the time, if you are not satisfied with your current job or salary, to build your base of skills and knowledge.  There will be ample advancement opportunity in the coming years for anyone who is an asset as a health care professional. With all of the unemployment plaguing our country—with the ever-climbing number of lay-offs--rest assured that you will always have available work, especially if you are experienced and have a wide array of skills.
If you are not a CNA, but you have an interest; or you are on your way to becoming one, you have made an excellent career move. The career stability you will enjoy cannot be found in any other profession. While I am sure you had many reasons for becoming a CNA, the job security is certainly an added benefit.
Can you think of another career that will be in such high demand because of the current changes facing our country and its people? Your comments are much appreciated!
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