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Today is the first day of CNA Week...so congratulations and a BIG thank you to CNAs everywhere! 

However, at Just for CNAs, we like to honor nursing assistants every day--not just for one week a year.  That's why we created the Just for Nursing Assistants website, a place where people from all walks of life can express their gratitude to you.  At the same time, the website brings some much needed attention to how important your role is to nursing, to health care and to the community.

Keep in mind that It took nurses hundreds of years to be respected.  In the beginning, nurses were female prisoners who were given a choice: stay in prison or get out of prison and work as a nurse!  Later, nursing became an acceptable profession for "old maids" who could devote their entire lives, seven days a week, to their patients.  And, until recent times, most doctors were men and most nurses were women.  Nurses had to prove their worth to physicians and show they were able to do more than fluff pillows!

The role of a nursing assistant has been around for nearly 100 years.  (It started during World War I.)  And, it seems to be following the same pattern--you are having to fight for the respect you so richly deserve.  Our mission at Just for Nursing Assistants is to speed up the process by showing the world how valuable you are.

If you would like to add your voice to that cause, please be sure to submit your comments here.  We'd love to hear your story--why you became a CNA, why you love it and what your work means to your patients.

Again, enjoy your CNA Week, but please remember that we are here for you all year long!

Best wishes,


Linda Leekley BS, RN


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