Inservice Highlight: Taking Care of Your Back

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During your work as a nursing assistant, I’m sure you’ve seen a co-worker struggling with back pain. Maybe you have been affected by it personally. Did you know that health-care workers have more risk for back injury than any other profession?
As you know, without a healthy back and healthy body, you will not be able to do your job. If you have noticed any back pain, no matter how moderate, it is extremely important to address the issue quickly to avoid injuring it further…and subsequently missing work. Our Just for CNAs inservice called “Taking Care of Your Back,” (found under the “safety modules” link on the left) will help you avoid situations that could be potentially harmful to your back.
In this inservice, you will learn:
  • To identify the main causes of back pain.
  • Facts about back pain and back injury.
  • On-the-job tips to avoid injuring your back.
  • To identify the symptoms of back pain.
  • The importance of good posture.
  • Tips for treating back problems.
  • The basic anatomy of the human back.
  • Which people have a higher risk of developing chronic back problems.
  • To diagnose different types of back injuries.
Back injuries will affect 31 million people this year in the US alone! Did you know that this costs over $60 Billion to treat? Protect yourself, your clients, and your family from these chronic, life-long problems and check out our “Taking Care of Your Back” inservice today on Just for CNAs!



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