Some Feedback from a Motivated Learner!

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Elise GraceAt Just for CNAs, we love to hear from nursing assistants everywhere.  We received a lovely email from a very loyal customer, Elise Grace.  Please read her inspiring story.  And, take note:  Elise has completed a number of our inservices but she doesn't start her CNA classes until September 8th!  She is eagerly absorbing every bit of knowledge she can about working as a CNA.  With that kind of dedication to lifelong learning, we know she will be superb at her job!

Just for CNAs: An Inspirational Site for Intelligent CNAs 
If you could choose any job in the world, what would it be...?  What if it was not remotely glamorous, pitifully paid and left you emotionally and physically exhausted?  You definately wouldn't choose that one would you!  And neither would I.  But here I am, a 40-something mother of two, former kindergarten teacher and British Military spouse with just months left in the States of a three year posting, embarking on a career that may offer just those unpleasant qualities.  Of course, I'm certain there will be fun, delicious aspects too!  
Having made the decision, however, to venture back to college to train as a CNA, I trawled the net for more information and was thrilled to discover Just for CNAs, a wonderful site that offers a plethora of superb, professional in-service modules, plus blogs and true stories specifically for CNAs, by CNAs and nursing staff.   
The subject choice for continuing education is vast.  Furthermore, they're knowledgable, beautifully presented and first rate.  I so wish to complete the whole lot, but new topics are featured almost weekly, so study boredom is never an issue.  That, coupled with the special deals that feature regularly make these modules a very attractive and affordable option.  Any problems?  Contact the site directly and be alarmed at the speed with which you will receive help and advice from Linda and her outstanding staff.
Finally, a site for dedicated, intelligent and educated CNAs that will afford them the respect they surely deserve. 
Thanks guys, I guess "you rock!"
Elise Grace
(Life time advocate of Just for CNAs)



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