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What's Quality Improvement All About?

You’ve probably heard people at work talking about “quality improvement”. You may have been asked to participate in a QI study or attend a QI committee meeting. But what’s all this fuss about quality—especially when everyone’s already working so hard?

Health organizations focus on quality in order to raise the level of client care—no matter how good it may already be. The idea of a quality improvement program is to:

  • Identify problems a workplace may have in meeting the needs of its clients and its employees.
  • Provide an organized approach to solving those problems.
  • Help improve the quality of life for every client and the working conditions for every employee.

A quality improvement program helps health care organizations measure how well they meet the needs of both clients and employees. QI cuts across all departments and requires participation from every staff member… from housekeeping staff to clerical employees to client care staff.  read more »

Have You Ever Said "I'm Only a CNA"?

Linda LeekleyThroughout your health care career, have you ever caught yourself saying, "I'm only a CNA."? If so, you're not alone.  It's a common "mistake" that we all make...minimizing our importance and our contribution to the workplace.  read more »

Just for CNAs: Getting Rewarded & Appreciated on the Job

Could Our "CNA of the Quarter" Be a Co-Worker of Yours?

As you may know, Just for CNAs is a branch of In the Know, a company that has been helping health care organizations grow their CNA inservice libraries for more than ten years.

Last month, we received countless nominations for In the Know's CNA of the Quarter Award. To see who was honored with this award (for the first quarter of 2009), please click here to visit In the Know's blog.

And, be sure to check back every couple of days.  We will be blogging about some of the other outstanding CNAs for whom their supervisors...and their clients...are so very grateful.

With thanks to all CNAs, everywhere,



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