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CNAs: What's Your Stress Level?

There's no doubt about it...working in the nursing field is stressful.  So, how is your stress level these days?  Try taking this quick little "Stress Test" (developed by clinical psychologist Dan Johnston) to see if you could use a little stress management.  

Remember...when stress becomes a way of life, it can lead to health problems--from tension headaches to heart attacks, ulcers and even cancer.  In fact, up to 75% of disease may be stress-related!

So, if the results of your Stress Test show that you could use some tips on how to reduce and/or manage your stress, consider completing our Stress Management Skills inservice.  It might be the best thing you do for your health this month!

Take good care,


Preventing Accidents in the Bathroom

Did you know the average person visits the toilet 2,500 times a year (6-8 times a day)?  That adds up to three whole years of life sitting on the toilet!  With all that time spent in the bathroom, it's important that you and your clients know the best ways to avoid accidents.

By studying our new inservice, "Toileting Tips", you'll feel more prepared to handle challenges such as helping an immobile client to the bathroom, caring for clients with catheters, and helping your clients cope with incontinence..  You'll also review common disorders of the urinary system and the bowel, and learn how Alzheimer's and dementia play a role in incontinence.  read more »

What's Quality Improvement All About?

You’ve probably heard people at work talking about “quality improvement”. You may have been asked to participate in a QI study or attend a QI committee meeting. But what’s all this fuss about quality—especially when everyone’s already working so hard?

Health organizations focus on quality in order to raise the level of client care—no matter how good it may already be. The idea of a quality improvement program is to:

  • Identify problems a workplace may have in meeting the needs of its clients and its employees.
  • Provide an organized approach to solving those problems.
  • Help improve the quality of life for every client and the working conditions for every employee.

A quality improvement program helps health care organizations measure how well they meet the needs of both clients and employees. QI cuts across all departments and requires participation from every staff member… from housekeeping staff to clerical employees to client care staff.  read more »

Save Time by Setting Goals…and Thinking Outside the Box

Are you one of roughly 100 million Americans who wish you had more time during the day to finish all of your work? Recently, the trend of working late and generally spending more time at work has become a common and accepted practice across America. Doing this may allow you to accomplish a few more tasks, but this will also result in less time for your personal life. Instead of sacrificing the proper balance between work and play, try some of these time saving tips:  read more »


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