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home health aide

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CNAs: Provide Cost-Efficient Care at Your Workplace

It’s Earth Day today, which makes it the perfect time to focus on providing cost-efficient care at your workplace. Why should you care? Consider these facts:  read more »

Are You a Critical Thinker?

For health care professionals like you and me, critical thinking is a "MUST HAVE" skill. Being able to think critically is just as important as knowing how to measure someone's vital signs or document client care. How are your critical thinking skills?

You are thinking critically when you:

  • Look for things that may be clouding your judgment.
  • Explore ideas that might bring a new solution to an old problem.
  • Take responsibility for what you say and do instead of just blindly following other people.
  • Expose yourself to new information and keep an open mind about what you learn.
  • Recognize that there is usually more than one way of looking at things...and that things are NOT always what they seem.
  • Figure out what you really believe—instead of letting others tell you what to believe.
  • Are more concerned with finding the best solution rather than just being “right”.
  • Avoid making snap judgments.

People who are critical thinkers tend to:  read more »

More CNAs Have Been Honored! Do You Know Any of Them?

Be sure to check out the blog on our parent site:  In the Know.  Scroll down the blog to view all the nursing assistants who are being honored as part of the CNA of the Quarter Award

These CNAs work in a variety of settings:  hospitals, home health agencies and skilled nursing facilities.  And, their supervisors had many nice things to say about them!

In the Know will present the CNA of the Quarter Award again at the end of June.  Maybe next time it will be you?

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