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New Topic Addition- 'Caring for Clients after Orthopedic Surgery'

One in seven Americans has an orthopedic impairment.  Unfortunately, this number will only rise in the coming years (which means doctors will perform more and more surgeries).  As a CNA, it's often your job to care for clients after orthopedic surgery.  Do you know all of the ways you can help your orthopedic client(s) transition back to a healthy and active lifestyle?

Check out our newly added inservice: "Caring for Clients after Orthopedic Surgery" to review common orthopedic surgeries, learn the possible complications after joint replacement surgery, discuss the importance of pain management and more.

Do You REALLY Love Your Job?

Did you know that the average American spends more than 1800 hours a year at work?  People who are unhappy with their jobs spend those hours feeling stressed, impatient, unfulfilled... and even angry.  People who are satisfied with their jobs are more productive and successful-- and the hours fly by!

If you dislike your job, you are probably shortchanging yourself, your clients and your employerYou are losing out by spending all those hours wishing you were someplace else.  Your clients miss out by not having a satisfied professional caring for them.  And your employer gets shortchanged because you are probably giving less than your best effort.

By studying our NEW inservice "How to Really Love Your Job," you can learn different ways to feel more satisfied at work.  And, you won't believe how easy it is to really make positive changes!

Have You Ever Worked with a Non-Compliant Client?

Did you know that nearly 70% of hospital admissions and 23% of nursing home admissions in the U.S. are a result of non-compliance?

This happens because a client has not followed their recommended plan of care and their disease or condition has worsened tremendously.  So, you can see why it's so important for your clients to follow orders.  However, there are many reasons why these orders may not

be followed, such as:  read more »

New Inservice Topic Just Added!

Did you know that the average load of dirty laundry contains 100 million E. coli bacteria?  And, studies have found that more than 60 percent of washing machines are contaminated with fecal matter.  Do these numbers surprise you?  Check out our newest inservice addition to Just for CNAs: "Infection Control in Home Care" to find out how you can keep your clients safe from harmful bacteria. 

This topic is filled with tips about common infection control challenges faced by home health aides... just like you.  It also includes information on disinfecting surfaces, doing laundry, "sharps" disposal, household pests and food safety. You'll also find dozens of tips for keeping clients' homes as germ-free as possible.

How CNAs Can Help Incontinent Clients

Did you know that approximately 17 million Americans are incontinent—and 85 percent of them are women? Incontinence is most common among the elderly, especially for people living in long term care facilities. So, is incontinence simply a fact of life? Read on for the real truth…  read more »


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