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New Inservice Topic Just Added!

Did you know that the average load of dirty laundry contains 100 million E. coli bacteria?  And, studies have found that more than 60 percent of washing machines are contaminated with fecal matter.  Do these numbers surprise you?  Check out our newest inservice addition to Just for CNAs: "Infection Control in Home Care" to find out how you can keep your clients safe from harmful bacteria. 

This topic is filled with tips about common infection control challenges faced by home health aides... just like you.  It also includes information on disinfecting surfaces, doing laundry, "sharps" disposal, household pests and food safety. You'll also find dozens of tips for keeping clients' homes as germ-free as possible.

New Year... New Topics!

Welcome to 2010!  In the coming weeks, several topics will be added to our library... so keep checking back with us for what's new!

Click on each of the links below to read more about the inservice.

"Common Autoimmune Diseases"

"Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries"

"The CNA/Nurse Relationship"

"Conflict in the Workplace"

Interested in ordering any of these topics ... and not sure what to do next?  Click here for instructions OR give us a call toll-free at 877.809.5515 and we'll be happy to walk you through the process.

Six BRAND NEW Topics Just Added!

Six newly written topics have just been added.  Click on the links below to read more about each one:

"Caring for Bed Bound Clients"

"End of Life Care"

"Perineal & Catheter Care"

"Adolescent Growth & Development"

"CNAs on the Job"

"Providing Cost-Efficient Care"

If you have any questions about any of the topics above please call us toll-free at 877.809.5515!

MORE New Topics Added!

Nineteen new topics have recently been added to our already extensive inservice library.  To find out more about each of the new additions, simply click on each title below. 

We'd be happy to help!  If you have any trouble purchasing or downloading an inservice, simply call us toll-free at 877.809.5515.  Thank you!

Understanding HIV/AIDS

Understanding Common Phobias

Being a Preceptor

Maintaining a Professional Distance

Preventing Medical Errors

Passive & Active Range of Motion

Understanding Restraints & Alternatives  read more »

New Topics Added


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