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Just for CNAs: Tips for Managing Your Stress

Lifelong Learning Opportunities for CNAs

Whether you work as a CNA, a home health aide or a personal care aide, the internet offers some terrific options for nursing paraprofessionals who are looking to learn new things. However, it’s easy to get “lost” in cyberspace as you search for relevant information. Here are just a few sites that we feel have a lot to offer CNAs—and anyone who works in health care. (To visit any of the recommended sites, simply click the BLUE text.)

Nursing Assistant Resources on the Web

For ten years, three nursing assistants named Patti, Kim and Heather have worked diligently to create a central location for CNAs to access information on the web. They believe that “the more informed CNAs are, the better quality work they will produce.”

Their site is for nursing assistants and those who care about CNA work/practice. They are not involved in politics and accept no paid advertising from anyone.  read more »

If You Work with the Elderly, Please Read This...and Take Action!

Check out this important information from the Eldercare Workforce Alliance.  It could have a huge impact on your future career!

By 2030, one in five Americans will be age 65 or older, 75% of whom will have one or more chronic conditions. Many older adults and those with chronic diseases do not receive the care they need because of an inadequately trained healthcare workforce, clinician and faculty shortages, and poor working conditions for direct-care workers (such as nursing assistants, home health aides and personal care aides).

We can strengthen the eldercare workforce by urging Congress to include the following measures as part of health reform:
 read more »

Don't Forget to Take Care of YOURSELF, Too!

As a nursing assistant, you spend every day caring for others.  But, do you remember to take good care of yourself, too?  To work toward wellness for yourself, it’s important to focus on five different components of life, including:

Emotional Wellness

People who are emotionally well are able to express their feelings freely. They know how to handle the stress of their daily lives and know when and how to seek support from others. They also work to develop healthy relationships with others.

TIP:  Try the old "count to ten" trick when you feel angry.

Intellectual Wellness

Ongoing education is important for intellectual wellness. People who are intellectually well enjoy learning new things, expressing their creativity, and improving their skills. (For example, by visiting this website and reading this blog, you are working on your intellectual wellness!)

TIP:  Try to keep up with current events.  Discuss them with friends or family members.

Physical Wellness  read more »

More CNAs Have Been Honored! Do You Know Any of Them?

Be sure to check out the blog on our parent site:  In the Know.  Scroll down the blog to view all the nursing assistants who are being honored as part of the CNA of the Quarter Award

These CNAs work in a variety of settings:  hospitals, home health agencies and skilled nursing facilities.  And, their supervisors had many nice things to say about them!

In the Know will present the CNA of the Quarter Award again at the end of June.  Maybe next time it will be you?

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