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CNAs: What's Your Stress Level?

There's no doubt about it...working in the nursing field is stressful.  So, how is your stress level these days?  Try taking this quick little "Stress Test" (developed by clinical psychologist Dan Johnston) to see if you could use a little stress management.  

Remember...when stress becomes a way of life, it can lead to health problems--from tension headaches to heart attacks, ulcers and even cancer.  In fact, up to 75% of disease may be stress-related!

So, if the results of your Stress Test show that you could use some tips on how to reduce and/or manage your stress, consider completing our Stress Management Skills inservice.  It might be the best thing you do for your health this month!

Take good care,


Just for CNAs: Relaxing After a Hard Day at Work!

CNA Relaxing After workIn today’s hectic world, many people feel stressed out, over-loaded and over-stimulated. We live in a society of convenience and speed--anything and everything is available with one click or keystroke. This may have something to do with why many people are so anxious, tired and overextended. It is also hard to relax and combat stress at the end of a long day because work finds a way to follow us home. Here are a few simple and inexpensive ways to reduce stress and rejuvenate your mind and body after work:  
First, when you get home, change clothes and put on something more comfortable. This will help the mind signal the transition from work to home.  Since you are finally off the time-clock and ready for “me” time, try to relax and do the activities that you enjoy. Make an effort to develop a low stress routine after work. Once you have made this routine a habit, relaxation may come more naturally to you. 
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