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FAQ 's | Just for CNAs | Professional Inservices to keep you In the Know

FAQ 's

Q:    Are your inservices approved by the state of California?                                                                                                                                          

A:    At this time, we are not able to serve nursing assistants in California.  We hope to obtain an inservice provider number for California in the future.  Our inservices ARE approved for use by nursing assistants in the other 49 states.


Q:    Is it okay if a coworker studies the inservice with me and takes the quiz?
A:    You are free to share the inservice materials with a friend, but because of our copyright, only you may receive credit for the inservice topic.  Therefore,  a ‘Certificate of Completion’ will only be issued in your name when you pass the quiz.  Please note:  The name on the certificate will match the name of the purchaser.  So, please make sure that you fill out your registration with either your name, or the name of the nurse aide who is receiving credit for the inservice hour.


Q:    How do I take the quiz?
A:    For complete instructions, click on the “Instructions” tab of the tool bar.


Q:    What do I do with my ‘Certificate of Completion?’
A:    Once you receive your certificate, make sure you keep it in a safe place.  This piece of paper is proof that you completed an hour of continuing education.  Your employer will probably want a copy for your personnel file.


Q:    I have a question about one of the inservice topics.  How do I speak to a registered nurse?
A:    Just for CNA's is a division of In the Know, Inc. and is proud to offer assistance to any nurse aide who needs help.  In order to speak to an R.N. about an inservice topic, please call our toll-free number at 1.877.809.5515. 


© 2008 - 2017 In the Know, Inc.

The content of this website, including all inservice materials, are the property of In the Know, Inc. All rights are reserved. Each nursing assistant who purchases an inservice may download it for his or her personal use only and a certificate of completion will be distributed in the purchasers name only. All other copying and distribution is strictly prohibited.

For CNA inservices that may be used among all the CNAs at an individual health care facility, please visit www.knowingmore.com. For CNA inservices that may be used at multiple locations within a corporate health care organization, please visit www.knownowprogram.com.