CNAs: Do You Feel Beaten Down, Belittled or Bullied at Work?

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Is incivility at work making you sick? If so, you’re not alone. Chances are your workplace is infected! In fact, an epidemic of incivility has spread to most healthcare workplaces. Some episodes of incivility are easy to spot. For example, you may actually witness a co-worker yelling at or berating another—or you may be a victim of such behavior yourself. But, other forms of incivility are more subtle and difficult to pin down.

Have you witnessed these examples of incivility in your workplace?
  • Eye rolling, giving the silent treatment and using sarcasm.
  • Gossiping, spreading rumors or speaking negatively about others.
  • Bullying, using power to intimidate or harm others.
  • Yelling, throwing things, slamming things and “losing it.”
  • Intentionally creating a situation to make another person look foolish or incompetent.
  • Speaking with the intent to belittle or degrade.
  •  Intentionally targeting victims based on rank, age, gender, race or sexual orientation.


Not only does incivility leave healthcare workers like you feeling exhausted, hopeless and dissatisfied, it also adds to medical errors, poor patient satisfaction, higher employee turnover and higher healthcare costs for consumers. As a nursing assistant, you've probably learned that people in nursing have a reputation for "eating their young" and being less than kind to their co-workers.  But, we have the power to turn that ugly reputation around!


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