Do Your Clients Trust You?

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New Topic Addition:  "Building Trust & Confidence with Clients"

Frequently, as a CNA you must intrude on your client's intimate space.  Imagine having someone you don't know very well provide all of your private personal care. This can be a very uncomfortable situation!  But, when you set the tone and build the relationship on trust and confidence, you can minimize the discomfort.

For example:

Setting boundaries early in the relationship with your client will help you build trust.  To set clear boundaries, try the following:

  • Describe exactly what you can and will do in order to help your client reach the goals outlined in the plan of care.
  • Address your client by the name the client prefers.
  • Keep the relationship focused on the client's needs... not your own needs.
  • Limit personal information you disclose about yourself.  Do not disclose information about your life (this includes your personal or intimate relationships, family troubles, legal problems, and financial problems).

To learn more about how you can build trust and confidence with your clients, check out our newly added topic here.



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